Election Commission of India

Election Commission of India

About Election Commission of India:
The Election Commission of India (ECI) is a constitutional body responsible for administering elections in India according to the rules and regulations mentioned in the Constitution of India. It was established on January 25, 1950 with an aim to define and control the process for elections conducted at various levels: Parliament, State Legislatures, and the offices of the President and Vice President of India. In other words, the ECI ensures smooth and successful functioning of the democracy.

Role of Election Commission of India:

In its assigned role, the most crucial challenge before the Election Commission of India is to implement norms and the Model Code of Conduct to ensure free and fair elections in the country. Its existence and independence are necessitated by history, which has shown that democratic elections are not free from sabotage. Towards this end, it has been empowered to oversee political parties and candidates and take appropriate action in case of violations.

Structure of Election Commission of India:

The secretariat of the Commission has 300 officials, and is located in New Delhi. The Deputy Election Commissioners and Director Generals are the senior-most officers in the secretariat. The President of India appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India, who serves for six years and must retire at the age of 65. The Commissioner is generally a member of the Civil Services, and more often, of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) or the Indian Revenue Services (IRS). He can be removed from his office through the process of impeachment, which needs to be carried out in the Parliament. The President of India can remove the other officers on the Chief Commissioner's recommendation.

Functions and Powers of Election Commission of India:

The main functions of the Election Commission are as follows:
  1. The Election Commission of India is considered the custodian of free and fair elections.
  2. It issues the Model Code of Conduct in every election for political parties and candidates so that the dignity of democracy is maintained.
  3. It regulates political parties and registers them for being eligible to contest elections.
  4. It publishes the allowed limits of campaign expenditure per candidate to all the political parties, and also monitors the same.
  5. The political parties must submit their annual reports to the ECI for getting tax benefit on contributions.
  6. It ensures that all the political parties regularly submit their audited financial reports.
  7. Some of the powers wielded by the Election Commission are as follows:
  8. The Commission can suppress the results of opinion polls if it deems such an action fit for the cause of democracy.
  9. The Commission can advise for disqualification of members after the elections if it thinks they have violated certain guidelines.
  10. In case, a candidate is found guilty of corrupt practices during the elections, the Supreme Court and High Courts consult the Commission.
  11. The Commission can suspend candidates who fail to submit their election expense accounts timely.
Budget & Expenses:
The Election Commission of India and the Union Finance Ministry finalise the budget for the former's Secretariat, which is liable for an independent budget. The recommendations of the Election Commission are generally upheld by the Ministry of Finance. The concerned states and the Union Territories have to manage the expenses of elections being held, but it is the Union Government who bears the expenses of the Lok Sabha (parliamentary) elections entirely. In case of the legislative assembly elections, the concerned State bears the expenses. If the Lok Sabha (Parliamentary) and the assembly elections are taking place at the same time, the gross expenditure is equally shared amongst the Union Government and the concerned state(s). 

Address and Contact details:
Election Commission of India
Nirvachan Sadan
Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001
Tel: 011-23717391 
Fax: 011-23713412
Email: feedbackeci@gmail.com 
Election Commission of India Official Website : http://eci.nic.in/

Write an Email :
Use the email ID complaints@eci.gov.in to lodge a complaint.

The National Contact Centre Toll-Free number is 1800-11-1950
National Contact Centre Operational between 8 AM to 8 PM on all working days

Contact Details of Election Commissioners of India are:

Om Prakash Rawat is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India.
Name                                   Designation Email Office No.                               Office Fax
Mr. Om Prakash Rawat Chief Election Commissioner N/A 23052137,23052138 23052139
Mr. Sunil Arora                 Election Commissioner N/A 23052323,23052424               23052525
Mr. Vijay Kumar Dev Deputy Election Commissioner N/A 23052133                 23052157
Mr. Sandeep Saxena Deputy Election Commissioner N/A 23052023,23052024 23052025
Mr. Umesh Sinha        Deputy Election Commissioner N/A 23052081,23052226 23052227
Mr. Sudeep Jain           Deputy Election Commissioner N/A 23052232                    23052234
Mr. Dilip Sharma                    Director General         N/A 23052032,23052093                     N/A
Mr. Dhirendra Ojha                         Director General N/A 23052015                         23052203

List of Former Chief Election Commissioners of India
S.No. Name                    Tenure
1 Achal Kumar Jyot July 6, 2017 to Jan 23, 2018
2 Nasim Zaidi Jan 19, 2015 to July 5, 2017
3 H. S. Brahma Jan 16, 2015 to Apr 18, 2015
4 V. S. Sampath Jun 11, 2012 to Jan 15, 2015
5 S. Y. Quraishi Jul 30, 2010 to Jun 10, 2012
6 Navin Chawla Apr 21, 2009 to Jul 29, 2010
7 N. Gopalaswami Jun 30, 2006 to Apr 20, 2009
8 B. B. Tandon May 16, 2005 to Jun 29, 2006
9 T. S. Krishnamurthy Feb 8, 2004 to May 15, 2005
10 J. M. Lyngdoh Jun 14, 2001 to Feb 7, 2004
11 M. S. Gill Dec 12, 1996 to Jun 13, 2001
12 T. N. Seshan Dec 12, 1990 to Dec 11, 1996
13 V. S. Ramadevi Nov 26, 1990 to Dec 11, 1990
14 R. V. S. Peri Sastri Jan 1, 1986 to Nov 25, 1990
15 R. K. Trivedi Jun 18, 1982 to Dec 31, 1985
16 S. L. Shakdhar Jun 18, 1977 to Jun 17, 1982
17 T. Swaminathan Feb 7, 1973 to Jun 17, 1977
18 Nagendra Singh Oct 1, 1972 to Feb 6, 1973
19 S. P. Sen Verma Oct 1, 1967 to Sep 30, 1972
20 Kalyan Sundaram Dec 20, 1958 to Sep 30, 1967
21 Sukumar Sen Mar 21, 1950 to Dec 19, 1958

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 Results

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 Results 

Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections was successfully held on 28th Nov 2018 to elect members of the 230 constituencies.CEO Madhya Pradesh has announced Assembly elections Result Constituency Wise/ District wise Winners Names along with counting. Here we are providing live Madhya Pradesh 2018 assembly election updates.

The BJP has fielded candidates for all 230 seats while the Congress is contesting 229, leaving one seat, Jatara in Tikamgarh district, for the Sharad Yadav-led Loktantrik Janata Dal (LJD).

It is believed that the election will be a direct political battle between the BJP and the INC. While the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government will try to win for consecutive 4th term, the INC will fight for winning the state after 2003. It is also a major battle between senior Congress leader Arun Yadav and the incumbent Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan as they face off each other in Budhni.

The state registered a record 75 per cent voter turnout for the state Assembly polls that was marred by complaints of faulty EVMs.

The BSP has fielded 227 candidates, while the SP is contesting on 52 seats. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), contesting the Madhya Pradesh elections for the first time, has fielded 208 candidates.

A total of 5,04,95,251 voters including 41,30, 90 females and 1389 third gender will cast their votes.There are 2, 907 candidates are in the fray this election.

Total Seats               230
Main contest     Cong vs BJP
Polling                 Nov 28th 2018
Counting             Dec 11th 2018

Madhya Pradesh Polling Schedule 2018 - Details:
Madhya Pradesh Assembly 2018:
Poll Events Schedule Date Schedule Day
Date of Issue of Gazette Notification 02.11.2018 Friday
Last Date of Nominations 09.11.2018 Friday
Date for Scrutiny of Nominations 12.11.2018 Monday
Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures 14.11.2018 Wednesday
Date of Poll 28.11.2018 Wednesday
Date of Counting 11.12.2018 Tuesday
Date before which election shall be completed 13.12.2018 Thursday

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 Results:
The current Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly expires on Jan 07, 2019, and therefore election for the new assembly is held on November 28, 2018. The date of the election has been declared by election commision of India. The updated Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Result 2018 will be declared on December 11, 2018.

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 election results:
Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections results 2018 Live (Party Wise):

Name of the Party                             Leading Won Total

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), if contested          –
Bharatiya Janata Party                                   –
Indian National Congress                           –
Samajwadi Party                                           –
Bahujan Samaj Party                                        –
Independents                                                   –
Other Parties and Independent Candidates   –

Total 230

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2018 - Latest List of BJP, Congress, BSP Candidates 2018:

Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018: Heavyweight Candidates
SI. No Name Party Constituency Date of Birth M/F Education Property Criminal record
1 Shivraj Singh Chouhan BJP Budhani 05-Mar-59 M MA 6 Crore More than No criminal case
2 Rakesh Singh BJP Jabalpur 04-Jun-62 M B.Sc. 2.65 Crore 1 Case
3 Nand Singh Chauhan BJP Khandwa 18-Sep-52 M Graduate 4 Crore No criminal case
4 Gopal Bhargava BJP Rehli 01-Jul-52 M Graduate (B.Sc.) and LL.B. 1.1 Crore No criminal case
5 Jayant Kumar Malaiya BJP Damoh 20-Feb-47 M B.com, L.L.B 13.65 Crore No criminal case
6 Gaurishankar Shazwar BJP Sanchi 1 July 1950 M MBBS 3.71  Crore No criminal case
7 Narottam Mishra BJP Datia 15 April 1960 M M.A., Ph.D. 2.96 crores No criminal case
8 Kusum Mahadele BJP Panna 15 August 1943 F B.Sc., L. L.B 2.07 crores No criminal case
9 Kunwar Vijay Shah BJP Harshud 1 November 1962 M M.A. 6.83 crores No criminal case
10 Gaurishankar Chattrabhuja Bisen BJP Balaghat 01-Jan-52 M M.Sc.(Botany) 7.41  crores 1 case
11 Rustam Singh BJP Morena 09-Jul-45 M M.A.,L.L.B 6.47  crores No criminal case
12 Om Prakash Dhurve BJP Shahpura 13-May-64 M B.Sc. 1.20 crores 1 case
13 Umashankar Gupta BJP Bhopal South-West 24-Jun-52 M M.Com 3.33 crores No criminal case
14 Archana Chitnis BJP Burhanpur 20-Apr-64 M M.S, B.Ed., LL.B. 4.07 crores No criminal case
15 Yashodhara Raje Scindia BJP Shivpuri 19-Jun-54 F Intermediate 5.95 crores No criminal case
16 Digvijay Singh Congress 28-Feb-47 M Graduate / BE 39 crores 4 case
17 Kamal Nath Congress Chhindwara 18-Nov-46 M B. Com 206 crores No criminal case
18 Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia Congress Guna city 01-Jan-71 M MBA 33.08 crores No criminal case

About Madhya Pradesh Elections:
Madhya Pradesh is a state in Central India, and is called "Heart of India" due to its geographical location. It was established in the year 1956. The capital city of this state is Bhopal and is also the largest city of Madhya Pradesh. There are 50 districts in this state. The population of this state is more than 72,000,000. The literacy level of Madhya Pradesh is 76.5% which is the 8th in India. The official language of the state is Hindi. 

The current Governor of this state is Ram Naresh Yadav and the Chief Minister is Shivraj Singh Chouhan who is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party. This state is considered as one of the major states regarding the politics and culture of India. Madhya Pradesh sends 40 members to the Indian Parliament. 29 members are elected to the Lok Sabha and 11 members are elected to the Rajya Sabha. The 2 political parties that are dominant in this state are the BJP and the INC. This state has a two-party system. The regional parties of this state have not seen much success in the recent elections. In the state elections of 2008 in November, the BJP had won a majority with 143 seats. It defeated INC which had grabbed on to only 71 seats. The Bahujan Samaj Party had won only 7 seats. See Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2013 Results

Results for the 2013 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections were announced on 8 December 2013. BJP defeated the Congress thrice in a row. The Congress faced a major defeat in the state, winning merely 58 out of the 230 Assembly seats in the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. The BJP bagged 165 out of the 230 Assembly constituencies, while the rest 7 were won by other political parties. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan of the BJP registered a hat-trick by having been elected the CM of state for the third consecutive time, thus entering the Narendra Modi league who had registered a similar record in Gujarat. 

The hopes of Congress leaders in the state including Digvijay Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Chief Ministerial candidate of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. The election results indicated that the BJP had not been hit by an anti-incumbency wave in Madhya Pradesh (MP). Besides Chouhan’s success in MP was attributed to the then BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s 
campaigning in the state. 

2013 Assembly Election Result:
Party Seats
BJP 165
INC 58

Quick facts for Madhya Pradesh Elections:
Parliamentary Constituencies 29
Assembly Constituencies 230
Ruling Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Opposition Party Indian National Congress
Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Governor Anandiben Patel
Chief Electoral Officer Ms. Saleena Singh, IAS
Address Madhya Pradesh Nirvachan Sadan, 17- Area Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Political Parties of Madhya Pradesh:
BJP - Bhartiya Janta Party BPI - Bolshevik Party of India CPI - Communist party of India
FBL (MG) - F.B. (Marxist group) FBL (RG) - Forward Bloc (Ruikar Group) HMS - Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha
INC - Indian National Congress KMPP - Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party RRP - Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad
SCF - All India Scheduled Caste Federation SP - Socialist Party BLC - Bharatiya Lok Congress
SKP - S.K. Paksha  

List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh:
S. No. Chief Minister From To Party Name
1 Shivraj Singh Chauhan Dec 12, 2008 Incumbent BJP
2 Shivraj Singh Chauhan Nov 29, 2005 Dec 12, 2008 BJP
3 Babulal Gaur Aug 23, 2004 Nov 29, 2005 BJP
4 Uma Bharti Dec 8, 2003 Aug 23, 2004 BJP
5 Digvijay Singh Dec 1, 1998 Dec 8, 2003 INC
6 Digvijay Singh Dec 7, 1993 Dec 1, 1998 INC
  President's rule Dec 16, 1992 Dec 6, 1993  
7 Sunderlal Patwa Mar 5, 1990 Dec 15, 1992 BJP
8 Shyama Charan Shukla Dec 9, 1989 Mar 4, 1990 INC
9 Motilal Vora Jan 25, 1989 Dec 8, 1989 INC
10 Arjun Singh Feb 14, 1988 Jan 24, 1989 INC
11 Motilal Vora Mar 13, 1985 Feb 13, 1988 INC
12 Arjun Singh Mar 11, 1985 Mar 12, 1985 INC
13 Arjun Singh Jun 8, 1980 Mar 10, 1985 INC
  President's rule Feb 18, 1980 Jun 8, 1980  
14 Sunderlal Patwa Jan 20, 1980 Feb 17, 1980 Janata Party
15 Virendra Kumar Saklecha Jan 18, 1978 Jan 19, 1980 Janata Party
16 Kailash Chandra Joshi Jun 26, 1977 Jan 17, 1978 Janata Party
  President's rule Apr 29, 1977 Jun 25, 1977  
17 Shyama Charan Shukla Dec 23, 1975 Apr 29, 1977 INC
18 Prakash Chandra Sethi Mar 23, 1972 Dec 22, 1975 INC
19 Prakash Chandra Sethi Jan 29, 1972 Mar 22, 1972 INC
20 Shyama Charan Shukla Mar 26, 1969 Jan 28, 1972 INC
21 Raja Nareshchandra Singh Mar 13, 1969 Mar 25, 1969 INC
22 Govind Narayan Singh Jul 30, 1967 Mar 12, 1969 INC
23 Dwarka Prasad Mishra Mar 9, 1967 Jul 29, 1967 INC
24 Dwarka Prasad Mishra Sep 30, 1963 Mar 8, 1967 INC
25 Bhagwantrao Mandloi Mar 12, 1962 Sep 29, 1963 INC
26 Kailash Nath Katju Mar 14, 1957 Mar 11, 1962 INC
27 Kailash Nath Katju Jan 31, 1957 Mar 14, 1957 INC
28 Bhagwantrao Mandloi Jan 1, 1957 Jan 30, 1957 INC
29 Pt. Ravishankar Shukla Nov 1, 1956 Dec 31, 1956 INC

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Madhya Pradesh:
The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for the elections and has to ensure that they remain "free and fair". Shri Jaideep Govind is the Chief Electoral Officer of the state of Madhya Pradesh, and was appointed before the 2009 General Elections. Born in 1960, he was brought up in Madhya Pradesh and has a postgraduate degree in Botany as well as Developmental Administration. In October 2013, Govind remarked that democracy has failed in India due to poor voter participation. He further implored that people should understand the power given to them by the Indian Constitution, utilise it while voting and not have a nonchalant attitude that is so prevalent amongst the voters of today. 

Telangana 2018 election results

Telangana 2018 election results

Telangana Legislative Assembly Elections was successfully held on 7th December 2018. CEO (Chief electoral officer ) of Telangana has announced Assembly Election Result Constituency Wise/ District wise Winners Names along with counting. Here we are providing live Telangana 2018 assembly election updates.

This election is the 2nd legislative assembly election in Telangana. The incumbent Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), the Indian National Congress, Telugu Desam Party, and Telangana Jana Samithi are considered to be the major contestants in the election.

 While the 4 opposition parties, the INC, the TJS, the TDP and the CPI are announced the formation of “Maha Kootami” (grand alliance), which specifies the defeat of the local party TRS in legislative assembly elections 2018.

Telangana Assembly Election 2018 Schedule:

Poll events schedule Assembly Election 2018
No of constituencies going to poll 119
Date of Issue of Gazette Notification 16.10.2018 12.11.2018
Last Date of Nominations 19.11.2018
Date for Scrutiny of Nominations 20.11.2018
Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures 22.11.2018
Date of Poll 07.12.2018
Date of Counting 11.12.2018

Final voters list for Telangana Legislative Assembly election, 2018

S.No Group of voters Voters population
1 Male 1.38 crore
2 Female 1.35 crore
3 third gender 2,663
- Total voters 2,80,64,680

TS Assembly Elections Participating Parties 2018:
The Telangana Ruling Party TRS, INC, BJP, YSRCP, and other parties will be competing for Telangana state legislative assembly elections.

Telangana 2018 election results:

Telangana Assembly Elections Results 2018 Live (Party Wise):
Name of the Party                             Leading Won Total
Seats · Projections · 108/119 seats declared
60 needed for majority
Party Seats

TRS        80           67.5%

INC        18      15.1%

BJP        1          0.8%

TDP       1           0.8%

CPI         0
Total 190

Telangana Assembly Election Results 2018 Constituency Wise/ District wise Winners Names:
Telangana Assembly Election Results 2018 Constituency Wise/ District wise Winners Names list will be announced after counting completing soon we will update here.

List of Telangana Assembly Constituencies 2018

List of Telangana Assembly Constituencies:
AC NameAC NameAC NameAC NameAC NameAC NameAC NameAC Name
1 Sirpur 31 Huzurabad 61 Jubilee Hills 91 Suryapet
2 Chennur 32 Husnabad 62 Sanathnagar 92 Nalgonda
3 Bellampalli 33 Siddipet 63 Nampalli 93 Munugode
4 Mancherial 34 Medak 64 Karwan 94 Bhongir
5 Asifabad 35 Narayankhed 65 Goshamahal 95 Nakrekal
6 Khanapur 36 Andole 66 Charminar 96 Thungathurthy
7 Adilabad 37 Narsapur 67 Chandrayangutta 97 Alair
8 Boath 38 Zahirabad 68 Yakutpura 98 Jangaon
9 Nirmal 39 Sangareddy 69 Bahdurpura 99 Ghanpur Station
10 Mudhole 40 Patancheru 70 Secunderabad 100 Palakurthi
11 Armur 41 Dubbak 71 Secunderabad Cantonment 101 Dornakal
12 Bodhan 42 Gajwel 72 Kodangal 102 Mahabubabad
13 Jukkal 43 Medchal 73 Narayanpet 103 Narsampet
14 Banswada 44 Malkajgiri 74 Mahbubnagar 104 Parkal
15 Yellareddy 45 Quthbullapur 75 Jadcherla 105 Warangal West
16 Kamareddy 46 Kukatpally 76 Devarkadra 106 Warangal East
17 Nizamabad Urban 47 Uppal 77 Makthal 107 Wardhannapet
18 Nizamabad Rural 48 Ibrahimpatnam 78 Wanaparthy 108 Bhupalpalle
19 Balkonda 49 Lal Bahadur Nagar 79 Gadwal 109 Mulug
20 Koratla 50 Maheshwaram 80 Alampur 110 Pinapaka
21 Jagtial 51 Rajendranagar 81 Nagarkurnool 111 Yellandu
22 Dharmapuri 52 Serilingampally 82 Achampet 112 Khammam
23 Ramagundam 53 Chevella 83 Kalwakurthy 113 Palair
24 Manthani 54 Pargi 84 Shadnagar 114 Madhira
25 Peddapalli 55 Vikarabad 85 Kollapur 115 Wyra
26 Karimnagar 56 Tandur 86 Devarakonda 116 Sathupalli
27 Choppadandi 57 Musheerabad 87 Nagarjuna Sagar 117 Kothagudem
28 Vemulawada 58 Malakpet 88 Miryalguda 118 Aswaraopeta
29 Sircilla 59 Amberpet 89 Huzurnagar 119 Bhadrachalam
30 Manakondur 60 Khairatabad 90 Kodad

About Telangana Assembly Constituencies:
Telangana, like any other state in India, has specific geographic regions which are represented in its legislative assembly. The present state of Andhra Pradesh has had a history of both unicameral and bicameral legislatures. These specific regions in its legislative assembly are called assembly constituencies. When the present state of Andhra Pradesh came into existence in 1956, the Andhra Pradesh Vidhan Sabha had 85 Assembly constituencies. Out of these 85 constituency seats, 65 were for general candidates, 18 constituencies were reserved for candidates who belonged to the Scheduled Castes and 2 were reserved for Scheduled Tribe candidates. The number of assembly constituencies in the state was increased from 85 to 246 in the year 1962, when the third term of the Andhra Pradesh Vidhan Sabha was elected. The number was increased to 287 Assembly constituencies in the following elections in 1967. The present number of constituencies in the state is 294 spread across 23 districts.  Out of these, 227 assembly seats are reserved for candidates belonging to the General category, 48 are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 19 are reserved for the Scheduled Tribes. Each of these constituencies is represented by a Member of the Legislative Assembly, who voices the concerns of that particular constituency in the Vidhan Sabha. Members from each of these Assembly constituencies are elected directly by the voters in the Assembly elections, who exercise their right of the Universal Adult Franchise. The elections are held after a period of every 5 years, if the Vidhan Sabha is not dissolved sooner. The supervision and responsibility of the elections to these assembly constituencies is carried out by a centralized, independent statutory body called the Election Commission.

Telangana 2018 Assembly Election results:
In the previous elections, the TRS party has sweep the maximum number of seats which is 122/288. where SS won 63/288, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) won 41/288, Indian National Congress (INC) won 42/288,  although We have to wait few days for the Telangana Legislative Assembly result 2018. The TS Vidhan Sabha elections result 2018 will be announced on 11th December. For more details, we have to wait and watch who will win the Telangana Assembly elections with the greatest majority.While KCR is confident about a second run, other parties have leaped into action, hoping to seize a victory. Congress President, Rahul Gandhi has promised a loan waiving for farmers, to an amount of  Rs 2 lakh. We will update here soon.

Pre-Poll Survey 23’Nov 2018:
Times Now CNX Pre-Poll Survey for Telangana Is Out!

TRS is retaining Telangana as per Times Now-CNX Pre-Poll Survey. The survey predicts TRS a clear winner and MahaKutami staring at defeat in Telangana.

As per the survey predictions here is the prediction:
70 Seats 31 seats 01 seat 00-01 seat 00-01 seat 03 seats 08 seats 05 seats

In victory, TRS’ vote-share swing seems a 3.25% up from 34.30% to 37.55% as compared to its vote share in 2014 elections. There is a prediction in increase of Congress vote share too by 2.78 positively. It is the TDP that did not do well with a drastic fall to 5.66% from 14.70 in 2014.

Opinion polls:
Date Polling agency TRS INC+ Others Lead
23 November 2018 CNX-Times Now 70 34 16 36
02 November 2018 ABP News- C voter 82 24 13 56

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018 - Latest List of All Party Candidates 2018

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018-Latest List of All Party Candidates 2018

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018 BJP,TRS,Telugu Desam and Congress Party Candidates list below given.
AC. NO. Name of AC Name of BJP Candidate Name of Congress Candidate Name of TRS Candidate
1 Sirpur Dr. Srinivasulu Dr. Palvai Harish Babu Koneru Konappa
2 Chennur (SC) Sri Andugula Srinivasulu Dr. Venkatesh Netha Borlakunta Balka Suman
3 Bellampalle (SC) Sri Koyyala Emaji - Durgam Chinnaiah
4 Mancherial Raghunath Verabelli Kokkirala Premsagar Rao Nadipelli Diwakar Rao
5 Asifabad (ST) Sri Ajmira Athmaram Naik Athram Sakku Smt.Kova Laxmi
6 Khanapur (ST) Sri Satla Ashok Ramesh Rathod Smt.Rekha Naik
7 Adilabad Sri Payal Shankar Smt. Sujatha Gandrath Jogu Ramanna
8 Bhoth (ST) Sri Madavi Raju Soyam Bapu rao Rathod Babu Rao
9 Nirmal Dr.(Smt.) Aindla Suvarna Reddy Allati Maheshwar Reddy Allola Indra Karan Reddy
10 Mudhole Dr. Padakanti Ramadevi Rama Rao Patel Pawar G Vittal Reddy
11 Armoor Sri Prodduturi Vinay Kumar Reddy Smt. Akula Lalitha Ashannagari Jeevan Reddy
12 Bodhan Aljapur Srinivas P Sudharshan Reddy Shakeel Ahmed
13 Jakkal (SC) Smt.Aruna Thara Soudagar Gangaram Hanumanthu Shinde
14 Banswada Sri Naidu Prakash Kasula Balaraju Pocharam Srinivas Reddy
15 Yellareddy Banala Laxma Reddy Jajala Surendar Enugu Ravinder Reddy
16 Kamareddy Sri K Venkata Ramana Reddy Shabbir Ali Gampa Govardhan
17 Nizamabad (Urban) Sri Endala Lakshminarayana Taher bin hamdan Ganesh Bigala
18 Nizamabad (Rural) Sri Keshpally Anand Reddy Dr. Rekula Bhupathi reddy Bajireddy Goverdhan
19 Balkonda Sri.R Rajeshwar E Anil Kumar Vemula Prashanth Reddy
20 Korutla Dr. J Venkat Juvvadi Narsingh Rao Kalavakuntla Vidyasagar Rao
21 Jagityal Sri Muduganti Ravinder Reddy Jeevan Reddy Dr M Sanjay Kumar
22 Dharmapuri (SC) Sri Kannam Anjaiah Adluri Laxman Kumar Koppula Eeshwar
23 Ramagundam Smt. Balmuri Vanitha M. S Raj Thakur Somarapu Sathyanarayana
24 Manthani Sri Rendla Sanath Kumar Sridhar Babu Duddila Putta Madhukar
25 Peddapalle Sri G Rama Krishna Reddy, Ex.MLA C. Vijay Ramana Rao Dasari Manohar Reddy
26 Karimnagar Sri Bandi sanjay Ponnam Prabhakar Gangula Kamalakar
28 Vemulawada Pratapa Ramakrishan Aadi Srinivas Chennamaneni Ramesh
27 Choppadandi (SC) Smt.Bodiga Shobha Dr. Medipally Satyam Sunke RaviShankar
29 Siricilla Sri Mallagari Narsa Goud K K Mahendar Reddy KT Rama Rao
30 Manakondur (SC) Sri Gaddam Nagaraju Arepally Mohan Rasamai Balakishan
31 Huzurabad Raghu Puppala Kaushik Reddy Padi Eetala Rajender
32 Husnabad Chada Srinivasa Reddy - Vodithela Satish Kumar
33 Siddipet Sri Naini Narotham Reddy - Tanneru Harish Rao
34 Medak Akula Rajaiah Ammareddy Gari Upender Reddy Smt M Padma Devender Reddy
35 Narayankhed Patlolla Sanjeeva Reddy Suresh Kumar Shetkar M.Bhupal Reddy
36 Andole (SC) Sri Babu Mohan Pally, Ex.MLA Damodar Rajanarsimha Chanti Kranthi Kiran
37 Narsapur Singayagapalli Gopi V Sunitha Laxma Reddy Chilumula Madan Reddy
38 Zahirabad (SC) Sri Jangam Gopi Dr. J Geetha Reddy K.Manik Rao
39 Sangareddy Deshpande Rajeshwar Rao Jaya Prakash Reddy (Jagga Reddy) Chintha Prabhakar
40 Patancheru Karunakar Reddy. P Kata Srinivas Goud Gudem Mahipal Reddy
41 Dubbak Sri M Raghunandan Rao Maddula Nageshwar Reddy Solipeta Ramalinga Reddy
42 Gajwel Smt. Akula Vijaya Vanteru Pratap Reddy Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao
43 Medchal Sri P Mohan Reddy Kichannagari Laxma Reddy Chamakura MallaReddy
44 Malkajgiri Sri N.Ramchender Rao, MLC - Mainampally Hanumantharao
45 Quthbullapur Kasani Veeresh Kasani Kuna Srisailam Goud KP Vivekananda
46 Kukatpally Sri Madhavaram Kantha Rao - Madavaram Krishna Rao
47 Uppal Sri N V S S Prabhakar - Bethi Subhash Reddy
48 Ibrahimpatnam Ashok Kotha - Manchireddy Kishan Reddy
49 Lal Bahadur Nagar Sri Perala Sekhar Rao D.Sudhir reddy Muddagoni Rammohan Goud
50 Maheshwaram Sri andela Sriramulu Yadev Smt. P. Sabita Indra Reddy Teegala Krishna Reddy
51 Rajendranagar Sri Baddam Bal Reddy, Ex.MLA - T.Prakash Goud
52 Sherlingampally Sri G. Yoganand - Arekapudi Gandhi
53 Chevella (SC) Kanjarla Prakash K. S. Ratnam Kale Yadaiah
54 Pargi K. Prahalad Rao T. Ram Mohan Reddy Koppula Mahesh Reddy
55 Vicarabad (SC) Sri.Raipally Sai Krishna Gaddam Prasad Kumar Dr. Methuku Anandh
56 Tandur Sri Patel Ravi Shankar Panjuguia Pilot Rohith Reddy Patnam Mahender Reddy
57 Musheerabad Dr. K Laxman M. Anil Kumar Yadav Muta Gopal
58 Malakpet Sri Ale Jithendra - C.Satish Kumar
59 Amberpet Sri G Kishan Reddy - Kaleru Venkatesh
60 Khairathabad Sri Chinthala Ramachandra Reddy Dr. Sarvan Dasoju Dhanam Nagender
61 Jubilee Hilles Sri Sridhar Reddy P Vishnuverdhan Reddy Maganti Gopinath
62 Sanath Nagar Sri Bhavarlal Varma - Talasani Srinivas Yadav
63 Nampalli Devara Karunakar Mohd. Feroz Khan Munukuntla Anand Goud
64 Karwan Sri T Amar Singh Osman Bin Mohammad al hazri T Jeevan Singh
65 Goshamahal Sri T Raja Singh M. Mukesh Goud Prem Singh Rathod
66 Charminar Sri T. Uma Mahendra Mahammad Ghouse Mohammed Salauddin Lodi
67 Chandrayangutta Kum. Syed Shahezadi Esa Binobadi Misri M Seetharam Reddy
68 Yakatpura Sri Charmani Roopraj K Rajender Raju Sama Sundar Reddy
69 Bahadurpura Sri Haneef All Kalem Baba Inayath Ali Baqri
70 Secunderabad Bandapelly Satish Kasani Gananeshwar Mudiraj T Padma Rao Goud
71 Secunderabad Cantt (SC) Sriganesh Narayanan Sarve Sathya Narayana G Sayanna
72 Kodangal Nagurao Namaji A. Revanth Reddy Patnam Narender Reddy
73 Narayanpet Sri K Rathanga Pandu Reddy Vamanagiri Krishna S Rajender Reddy
74 Mahbubnagar G. Padmaja Reddy - V Srinivas Goud
75 Jadcherla Dr. jaruplavath Gopl (Kalyan Naik) Dr. Mallu Ravi Dr Chernakola Laxma Reddy
76 Devarkadra Sri Aggani Narsmulu Sagar Dr.Paban Kumar reddy Ala Venkateshwar Reddy
77 Makthal Sri B Kondaiah - Chittem Ram Mohan Reddy
78 Wanaparthi Sri Kotha Amarender Reddy Dr. G. Chinna Reddy Singi Reddy Niranjan Reddy
79 Gadwal Sri Gadwal Venkatadri Reddy Smt. D K Aruna Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy
80 Alampur (SC) B. Rajini SA Sampath Kumar Vallur Mallepogu Abraham
81 Nagarkurnool Sri Nedanuri Dilip Chary Nagam Janardhan Reddy Marri Janardhan Reddy
82 Achampet (SC) Sri Malleshwar Medipur Dr. Ch. Vamsi Krishna Guvvala Bal Raj
83 Kalwakurthy Sri T Achary Dr. Vamshichand Reddy G.Jaipal Yadav
84 Shadnagar Sri N Srivardhan Reddy C Pratap Reddy Y Anjaiah Yadav
85 Kollapur Sri Sudhakar Rao Beeram Harsh Vardhan reddy Jupally Krishna Rao
86 Devarakonda Dr.Jaruplavath Gopl (kalyan Naik) Balu Naik Ramavath Ravindra Kumar
87 Nagarjuna Sagar Smt. Kankanala Niveditha K. Jana Reddy Nomula Narsimaiah
88 Miryalguda Sri Karanati Prabhakar R.Krishnaiah N Bhasker Rao
89 Huzurnagar Sri Bobba Bhagya Reddy N. Uttam Kumar Reddy shanampudi Saidi Reddy
90 Kodad Sri Jallepall Venkatakeswer Rao Smt. N. Padmavati Reddy Bollam Mallayya Yadav
91 Suryapet Sri Sankineni Venkateswara Rao R. Damodar Reddy Gunthakandla Jagadeesh Reddy
92 Nalgonda Sriramoju Shanmukha Chary Komatireddy Venkat Reddy Kancharla Bhupal Reddy
93 Munugode Dr. G. Manohar Reddy K. Rajgopal Reddy Kusukuntla Prabhaker Reddy
94 Bhongir - Kumbham Anil Kumar Reddy Pylla Sekhar Reddy
95 Nakrekal (SC) Kasarla Lingaiah Chirumarti Lingaiah Vemula Veeresham
96 Thungathurthy Sri Kadiyam Ramchandraiah Addanki dayakar Gyadari Kishore Kumar
97 Alair Sri Donthiri Sridhar Reddy B. Bhikshmaiah Goud Smt.Gongidi Sunitha
98 Jangaon Sri K.V.L.N Reddy (Raju) Ponnala Lakshmaiah Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy
99 Ghanpur (Station) (SC) Sri Perumandla Venkateshwarlu Smt. Singapur Indira Dr Thatikonda Rajaiah
100 Palakurthi Sri Somaiah Goud Janga Raghav Reddy Errabelly Dayakar Rao
101 Dornakal (ST) Sri G.Laxman Naik @Lachiram Dr. Jatoth Ramachandru Naik DS Redya Naik
102 Mahabubabad (ST) Jatothu Hussain Porika Balaram Naik Banoth Shanker Naik
103 Narsampet Sri Edla Ashok Reddy Donti Madhava Reddy Peddi Sudershan Reddy
104 Parkal Dr. P Vijayachandra Reddy Smt. Konda Surekha Challa Dharma Reddy
105 Warangal West Sri M Dharma Rao, Ex.MLA - Dasyam Vinay Bhasker
106 Warangal East Sri Kusuma Satish Ravi Chandra Vaddiraju Sri Nannapaneni Narender
107 Wardhannapet (SC) Sri Kotha Saranga Rao - Aroori Ramesh
108 Bhupalpalle Dr. Chandupatla Keerthy Reddy Gandra Venkat Ramana Reddy Ajmira Chandulal
109 Mulug (ST) Sri Banoth devilal Smt. D. Anusuya Seethakka Ajmira Chandulal
110 Pinapaka (ST) Dr. Santosh Kumar Chanda Rega Kantha Rao Payam Venkateshwarlu
111 Yellandu (ST) Smt. Mokalla Naga Sravanthi Smt. Banoth Haripriya Naik Koram Kanakaiah
112 Khammam Uppala Sarada - Puvvada Ajay Kumar
113 Palair Sridhar Reddy Kondapalli Kandala Upender Reddy Tummala Nageshwar Rao
114 Madira (SC) Kathula Shyamala Rao Bhatti Vikramarka Mallu Lingala Kamalraj
115 Wyra (ST) Ms. Bhukya Reshma Bai (Resyma Rathore) - Banoth Madan Lal
116 Sathupalli (SC) Sri Namburi Ramalingeswara Rao - Pidamarthi Ravi
117 Kothagudem Sri Byreddy Prabhakar Reddy Vanama Venkateswar Rao Jalagam Venkat Rao
118 Aswaraopeta (ST) Dr. Bukya Prasad Rao - Thati Venkateshwarlu
119 Bhadrachalam (ST) Smt. Kunja Satyavathi, Ex.MLA Podem Veeraiah Dr Thellam Venkat Rao

Telugu Desam Party Candidates list:
Sr.No Candidates A.C Name
1 Erra Sekhar Mahabubnagar
2 T Veerender Goud (Uppal) Uppal
3 Bhavya Anand Prasad Serilingampalli
4 Revuri Prakash Reddy Warangal West
5 S Venkata Veeraiah Sattupalli
6 Kothakota Dayakar Reddy Maktal
7 Nama Nageswara Rao Khammam
8 Machha Nageswara Rao Aswaraopet
9 Muzaffar Ali Khan Malakpet

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018 Total Women Candidates

Full Assembly Elections Schedule 2018

Full Assembly Elections Schedule 2018

The schedule for polling in the five states - Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram - has been announced by the Election Commission. The crucial polls, considered as precursor to upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019, will held between November 12 and December 7. The counting of votes for all states will take place on December 11. Among the states going to polls, three - Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh - are currently under the BJP-rule, while Telangana is under the governance of BJP's former ally TRS and Mizoram is among the last few states ruled by Congress currently.

Here below giving complete Assembly Elections Schedule 2018.

Assembly Elections 2018: Important Dates:

States Last Date of Filing Nominations Scrutiny of Nominations Withdrawal of Nominations Date of Polling Counting of Votes
Madhya Pradesh Nov 9 Nov 12 Nov 14 Nov 28 Dec 11
Rajasthan Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 22 Dec 7 Dec 11
Mizoram Nov 9 Nov 12 Nov 14 Nov 28 Dec 11
Telangana Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 22 Dec 7 Dec 11
Chhattisgarh Dec 11
Phase- I Oct 23 Oct 24 Oct 26 Nov 12
Phase- II Nov 2 Nov 3 Nov 5 Nov 20

Madhya Pradesh (Total seats - 230):
The BJP is ruling the state for last 15 years and incumbent Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took over the reins of power on 29 November 2005.

The state Assembly has 231 members out of which 230 are elected directly by the people while one member is nominated by the Governor.

Madhya Pradesh will witness a direct contest between the ruling BJP and the Congress.

Rajasthan (Total seats – 200):
The BJP is ruling the state for last 5 years under the chief ministership of Vasundhara Raje Scindia who took over as state CM on 13 December 2013.

The state Assembly has 200 members.

Rajasthan will witness a direct contest between the ruling BJP and the Congress. The Congress is hoping to return to power in the state in the upcoming elections.

Chhattisgarh (Total seats - 90):
Like Madhya Pradesh, the BJP is ruling Chhattisgarh for last 15 years. Chief Minister Raman Singh is heading the state since 7 December 2003.

The state Assembly has 90 seats.

Chhattisgarh will witness a triangular contest between the ruling BJP, the Congress and Amit Jogi’s newly formed Janta Congress Chhattisgarh which has joined hands with Mayawati’s BSP.

Telangana (Total seats- 119):
Incumbent Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is ruling Telangana since 2 June 2014, the day it came into existence as a separate state. The state Assembly has 119 seats.

Telangana will witness a triangular contest between the ruling TRS, the Congress and the BJP.

Mizoram (Total seats - 40):
The Congress is ruling the state for last 5 years under the chief ministership of Lal Thanhawla.

Mizoram Assembly has 40 seats.

Telangana Assembly Elections District Wise Constituencies in Telangana

Telangana Assembly Elections District Wise Constituencies in Telangana

India's youngest state Telangana is gearing up for its first independent assembly elections. The state, consisting of 119 constituencies is currently ruled by K Chandrashekhar Rao, popularly known as KCR, also the president of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

Telangana will go to polls on December 7 in a single-phase, to elect its new assembly and the results will be declared on December 11.

Here’s the list of constituencies, districts, Lok Sabha seats in Telangana

List of district wise constituencies in Telangana:

Hyderabad district constituencies -
1. Musheerabad
2. Malakpet
3. Amberpet
4. Khairatabad
5. Jubilee Hills
6. Sanathnagar
7. Nampally
8. Karwan
9. Goshamahal
10. Charminar
11. Chandrayangutta
12. Yakutpura
13. Bahadurpura
14. Secunderabad
15. Secunderabad Cantt.

Ranga Reddy district constituencies -
16. Medchal
17. Malkajgiri
18. Quthbullapur
19. Kukatpally
20. Uppal
21. Ibrahimpatnam
22. L. B. Nagar
23. Maheshwaram
24. Rajendranagar
25. Serilingampally
26. Chevella (SC)
27. Pargi
28. Vikarabad (SC)
29. Tandur

Medak district constituencies -
30. Siddipet
31. Medak
32. Narayankhed
33. Andole (SC)
34. Narsapur
35. Zahirabad (SC)
36. Sangareddy
37. Patancheru
38. Dubbak
39. Gajwel

Adilabad district constituencies -
40. Sirpur
41. Chennur (SC)
42. Bellampalli (SC)
43. Mancherial
44. Asifabad (ST)
45. Khanapur (ST)
46. Adilabad
47. Boath (ST)
48. Nirmal
49. Mudhole

Karimnagar district constituencies -
50. Koratla
51. Jagtial
52. Dharmapuri
53. Ramagundam
54. Manthani
55. Peddapalle
56. Karimnagar
57. Choppadandi (SC)
58. Vemulawada
59. Sircilla
60. Manakondur (SC)
61. Huzurabad
62. Husnabad

Khammam district Constituencies -
63. Khammam
64. Palair
65. Madhira (SC)
66. Wyra (ST)
67. Sathupalli (SC)
68. Aswaraopeta (ST)
69. Yellandu (ST)
70. Kothagudem
71. Bhadrachalam (ST)
72. Pinapaka (ST)

Mahabubnagar district Constituencies -
73. Kodangal
74. Narayanpet
75. Mahbubnagar
76. Jadcherla
77. Devarkadra
78. Makthal
79. Wanaparthy
80. Gadwal
81. Alampur
82. Nagarkurnool
83. Achampet
84. Kalwakurthy
85. Shadnagar
86. Kollapur

Nalgonda district Constituencies -
87. Nalgonda
88. Suryapet
89. Devarakonda
90. Nagarjuna Sagar
91. Miryalaguda
92. Huzurnagar
93. Kodad
94. Munugode
95. Bhongir
96. Nakrekal (SC)
97. Thungathurthi (SC)
98. Alair

Nizamabad district Constituencies -
99. Armur
100. Bodhan
101. Jukkal (SC)
102. Banswada
103. Yellareddy
104. Kamareddy
105. Nizamabad (Urban)
106. Nizamabad (Rural)
107. Balkonda

Warangal district constituencies -
108. Jangaon
109. Ghanpur (Station)
110. Palakurthi
111. Dornakal
112. Mahabubabad (ST)
113. Narsampet
114. Parkal
115. Warangal West
116. Warangal East
117. Wardhannapet (SC)
118. Bhupalpally
119. Mulug (ST)

Telangana Assembly Election Schedule 2018

Telangana Assembly Election Schedule 2018

Telangana Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) election was released by the Election Commission of India (EC).As per EC's order, polling in the state of Telangana will be held in a single phase on December 7, 2018, to constitute the second Legislative Assembly of the state. The counting of the votes for the Telangana Assembly election will be done on December 11, 2018.

Number of constituencies going to poll: 119

Telangana Assembly Election 2018: Important Dates/Schedule:

Events Date Day
Date of poll notification: 12.11.2018 Monday
Last Date of Nominations: 19.11.2018 Monday
Date for Scrutiny of Nominations: 20.11.2018 Tuesday
Last Date for Withdrawal of candidatures: 22.11.2018 Thursday
Polling Date: 07.12.2018 Friday
Counting Date :11.12.2018 Tuesday
Date before which election
Shall be completed 13.12.2018 Thursday
Schedule for the General Election to Telangana State Legislative Assembly, 2018 Press Note:

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Assembly polls in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana will be held between November 12 and December 7 in what may be a virtual semi-final to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

TDP Party Congress party candidates list for Telangana Assembly Polls 2018

TDP Party Congress party candidates list for Telangana Assembly Polls 2018

Even as seat sharing is yet to be fully finalized, the Congress and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) released their first list of candidates for the Telangana assembly elections late on Monday night. The names were announced in spite of the Congress-led alliance not fully resolving seat-sharing issues with two other partners, the Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) and the Communist Party of India (CPI).

The announcement of 65 names by the Congress also led to some internal protests, with supporters of some aspirants who were denied tickets protesting at the party’s head office at Nampally in Hyderabad (and in some districts as well). The situation led to round-the-clock police deployment outside the Congress office building.

Congress is part of the "grand alliance" for the December 7 elections to the 119-member assembly. The alliance comprises Congress, TDP, CPI and Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS).

Congress has decided to leave 25 seats to its allies- 14 to TDP, eight to TJS and three to CPI. TDP also released its first list of nine candidates on Monday night.

List out  candidates:
The Congress’s list of candidates was on expected lines, with many of the party’s senior leaders who contested the assembly elections in 2014 being fielded. These include former state cabinet ministers like M. Mukesh Goud, Sabita Indra Reddy and others. Vanteru Pratap Reddy, who switched from the TDP to the Congress, will contest against caretaker chief minister and Telangana Rashtra Samithi supremo K. Chandrasekhar Rao from the Gajwel constituency,

Rao had won the seat with 86,372 votes in 2014, while Pratap Reddy came second with 67,154 votes and the (then) Congress candidate T. Narsa Reddy came third with 33,998 votes. The Congress-TDP combine is expected to give the TRS chief a tough fight. The alliance also released names for the Nampally, Goshamahal, Charminar and Chandrayangutta seats in Hyderabad,which are strongholds of the All India Majilis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, headed by Asaduddin Owaisi.

Within the TDP, it gave tickets to nine candidates. A prominent name in the list includes that of former state cabinet minister (in joint AP) Nama Nageswara Rao who was nominated for the Khammam seat. A senior Congress leader who did not want to be named said seat-sharing talks with the TJS, which has been asking for more seats than the allotted eight, are expected to completed by Wednesday. “Wherever there is no dispute the names will be announced,” he added.

Last week, it was announced that out of the total 119 seats, the Congress would contest 93, TDP 14, TJS 8 and CPI 3 (one ticket could be given to a smaller party). However, not happy with the number, the TJS is trying to get two more seats and is also discussing which constituencies it will contest from. The TRS, on the other hand, gave tickets to 107 candidates, many of whom were sitting MLAs in the previous assembly, which was dissolved by Rao on September 6.

Political analyst Palwai Raghavendra Reddy said the Congress’ first list of candidates was quite strong. “My initial assessment is that they have given tickets to candidates who have a connection with the party high command in Delhi. It is in favour of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy, as against the influence of other leaders,” he added.

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